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McNulty Confirmed As Speaker; Sal Pace Wins As Minority Leader


DENVER — Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch and the architect of the GOP’s slender takeover of the Colorado House, today won approval by acclimation as the speaker of the Colorado House.

At the Democratic caucus, Sal Pace, D-Pueblo, still held out hope that close elections would be decide in Democrat’s favor. He nevertheless accepted his caucus’ vote to make him the next House minority leader, besting Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood.

Amy Stephens, R-Monument, as expected, was voted as the Republicans’ House majority leader.

In another important vote, Sen. Kent Lambert was voted by his caucus to the Joint Budget Committee. Al White, who previously served, wasn’t renominated.

House Republicans
House Speaker: Frank McNulty (uncontested)
Majority Leader: Amy Stephens (uncontested)
Assistant Majority Leader: Mark Waller (ucontested)
Majority Whip: B.J. Nikkel (uncontested)
Caucus Chair: Carole Murray (uncontested)

House Democrats
Minority Leader: Sal Pace (over Andy Kerr)
Assistant Minority Leader: Nancy Todd (over Beth McCann)
Whip: Claire Levy (over Daniel Kagan)
Deputy Whip: Dickie Lee Hullinghorst (over Matt Jones, who withdrew)
Caucus Chair: Lois Court (uncontested)

Senate Democrats:
President: Brandon Shaffer (uncontested)
Majority Leader: John Morse (uncontested)
Assistant Majority Leader Lois Tochtrop (uncontested)
Caucus Chair: Morgan Carroll (uncontested)
JBC: Mary Hodge and Pat Steadman

Senate Republicans:
Minority Leader: Mike Kopp (uncontested)
Assistant Minority Leader: Bill Cadman (uncontested)
Whip: Scott Renfroe (uncontested)
Caucus Chair: Mark Scheffel (uncontested)

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