Statesman: Outside Money Floods Into Colo. Statehouse Races

A coordinated assortment of outside groups has so far poured more than $6 million into winning key legislative seats across the state, swamping the spending on races that typically cost candidates a fraction of the sums being spent on their behalf, The Colorado Statesman reports.

Senate Majority Leader John Morse, a Democrat, has been the biggest beneficiary of so-called 527s associated with a registered agent named Julie Wells. The outside spending has dwarfed what the candidates themselves have raised and spent, The Statesman reports.

For his own re-election, Morse has raised $145,940 as of Oct. 18. His Republican challenger, Owen Hill, has raised $105,273. But the Wells 527s and IECs have spent $715,281 on TV ads, mailers and door-to-door canvassing, either supporting Morse or opposing Hill.

Noting how much he and Morse had raised on their campaigns, Hill told the Statesman, “we’re spending less than a quarter of the messaging in this campaign. It’s not good for the health of our political dialogue.”

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