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How News Organizations Covered Monday’s U.S. Senate Debate

Editor’s Note: Watch 9News videos of the debate [multiple files] by clicking here.


U.S. Senate candidates Michael Bennet and Ken Buck debated last night at the University of Colorado at Denver School of Public Affairs. Here’s how media covered it.

The Denver Post:
Rapid-fire debate questions flushed surprising answers from Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck on Monday, with Bennet opposing a treasured union bill and Buck endorsing big pieces of health care reform. After more than a year of equivocating on the Employee Free Choice Act, which would greatly ease union organizing, Bennet said: “I would not support the language in that bill.” Business leaders who have been demanding opposition from Bennet immediately jumped on the words as great encouragement.

9News: On topics ranging from jobs to Afghanistan to what has offended them most during the campaign, Colorado’s leading candidates for the U.S. Senate faced off in a televised 9NEWS debate on Monday night. Sherry Kostelecky began the evening by asking about how each candidate was going to create jobs, and she wanted specifics, saying “please meat and potatoes answers.” District Attorney Ken Buck (R-Weld County) said he was in favor of targeted small business loans because he says he believes it would help the most Coloradans.

The Durango Herald: Sen. Michael Bennet and his challenger, Ken Buck, both railed against Washington in a Monday night debate, but they drew sharp distinctions on what they would do about taxes, Afghanistan and congressional reform. Bennet, D-Colo., stressed his experience in private business and as head of Denver Public Schools. He said he has put forward several ideas on Senate reform.

Politics Daily: Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and his Republican opponent, Ken Buck, sparred Monday over the economy, tax cuts, the deficit and health care at the first of three debates this week. Monday’s event, sponsored by 9News and The Denver Post, will be followed by another Denver debate Friday. Buck and Bennet will face off again Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The two candidates remained civil during the televised event, agreeing on some issues, but disagreeing more often.

Associated Press: Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Ken Buck took it easy on each other in their first Denver-area debate Monday, laying out familiar differences over tax cuts and immigration. Bennet said the expiring Bush-era tax cuts should be extended for one year, regardless of income. He repeated his earlier position that Americans would be foolish to extend the tax cuts if they require borrowing.

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