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How News Orgs Covered Hickenlooper’s West Slope Trip

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper made a campaign swing to the western slope. Here’s how local media covered the story.

The Aspen Times: Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said Friday that, if elected governor of Colorado, he would work to cut government red tape for businesses and to get warring factions of the state’s water users to work together on critical water issues. Hickenlooper, who is hoping to be the Democrats’ nominee for the gubernatorial election in November, stopped by the repair site in Glenwood Canyon on Friday during a tour of the Western Slope.

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Denver’s fortunes are pinned closely to those of the Western Slope, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper told Mesa County Democrats on Saturday. “What makes Denver Denver is the success of the West Slope,” Hickenlooper said at the Mesa County Democratic Assembly in the Central High School auditorium. “You would be amazed at how many people who live in Denver would really rather live in Grand Junction.”

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: In a session as much reminiscent of a Tony Robbins seminar as the campaign stop and fact-finding mission it was, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper toured the Grand Junction headquarters of sportswear maker Loki LLC. Like many Colorado businesses, the credit crunch has barred Loki’s access to capital at a critical time of the company’s development, one of the owners, Dirk Anderson, told Hickenlooper during a stop of more than an hour.

KKCO: Hickenlooper describes himself as a skinny, geeky kid with thick glasses who can use his successful experiences to better our state by creating jobs, and focusing on education.

KJCT: “I spent my lifetime in small business trying to create enterprises, put together management teams, and manage difficult budgets,” Hickenlooper says. “I think my experience is more directly applicable to the challenges the state faces right now.”

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