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Free Public Wireless Internet Comes To Colo. Capitol


Colorado Capitol hallways buzzed today with the news that the General Assembly has “soft launched” a free, public wireless Internet service. The service goes by the identification COGA, which stands for Colorado General Assembly.

One official cautioned that the service is still being tested, and it may go down periodically.

Capitol users, including media as well as government and lobbying professionals, have long complained that Colorado’s Capitol was a “wi-fi” dead zone. The only network that operated before now was private system accessible only to legislators and staff. The lack of wireless was one of the subjects of an award-winning series in State Bill Colorado called “The Capitol Game.”

Two weeks ago, the state’s Legislative Information Services division confirmed to State Bill Colorado that the legislature’s leadership had asked for an expansion of the wireless network, paid for out of LIS’ current budget allocation.

At that time, LIS Director Michael Adams didn’t know when or if public access would be offered. This morning, dozens of lobbyists and state staff availed themselves of the newly accessible free wireless.

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