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How Colo. News Orgs Are Covering Ritter’s Extended Hospital Stay

The governor’s recovery from a bicycle accident earlier this week continues. Here’s how the media are covering the story.

Westword: One of the more unusual aspects to the story about Bill Ritter’s bicycle accident yesterday is the fact that the four people with whom he was riding when he fell — a tumble that resulted in multiple rib fractures, for which he remains hospitalized at Denver Health — still haven’t been identified. What’s the big secret? Is it because they’re medical marijuana advocates, perhaps? Or maybe even Republicans?

9News: Governor Bill Ritter sustained multiple rib fractures Tuesday when he crashed on his bicycle. These types of fractures can be very painful and take longer to heal than most people think. The problem with rib injuries, and particularly fractures, is that they cannot be immobilized. When someone breaks a bone in the arm or leg, a cast is placed to keep the area still. This helps with both pain control and healing time. When you break a rib, it is impossible to keep that area still. You cannot cast the ribcage. Between the ribs are muscles and cartilage that help you take in a breath.

The Denver Post: The injuries suffered by Gov. Bill Ritter after he was hurled from his bicycle — six broken ribs and a separated shoulder joint — are painful enough he could spend four days in the hospital as doctors monitor his breathing and guard against pneumonia. The governor needs to remain in Denver Health Medical Center so doctors can manage his pain and make sure he takes several deep breaths per hour; otherwise, his lungs could fill with fluid and cause serious complications, his physician said Wednesday.

Associated Press: Gov. Bill Ritter will stay in the hospital for three or four days recovering from broken ribs and a separated shoulder he suffered in a bicycle wreck, doctors said Wednesday. Doctors said he can return to work as soon as he’s released from the hospital if he’s up to it. He’s still running the state but from a hospital room, not the capitol. Gov. Bill Ritter’s doctor said the state’s top executive is recuperating and is now in fair and stable condition following a bicycle crash Tuesday in Denver. ‘He had a small scrape, kind of on his nose. I think it’s clear that if he hadn’t had a helmet on he could’ve been at risk for, you know, a severe head injury” Dr. Carlton Barnett said.

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