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HB10-1119: Committee Acts Wisely on SMART Government Act

February 9, 2010 For more information:
Katie Reinisch

Rep. Ferrandino


Committee Acts Wisely on SMART Government Act

(DENVER) – Today, JBC member Rep. Mark Ferrandino presented his House Bill 1119, the SMART Government Act. Passage of the “State Measurements for Accountable Responsive & Transparent” or SMART Government Act will change the way state government creates its budgets. With “performance budgeting,” lawmakers will be better able to ensure the public is receiving quality, efficient and essential services from our government. The House State Affairs Committee passed the bill out of committee and sent it to the floor with a bi-partisan, unanimous vote.
Representative Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) had this to say:

“SMART Government will change the way we create and present our state budget. It will be easier for the average person to understand where our money comes from and what programs it provides. It will be easier for legislators to evaluate how taxpayers’ dollars are spent; and if they are being spent wisely and well. With more information, SMART Government will be more transparent and measurable. And that means the voters can keep us accountable, and we will be held responsible for the tough fiscal choices we make every year.

This legislation will ensure Colorado has one of the best- and the smartest-run state governments in the country. The public and policy makers will now have key information about what is working and what is not, and will be able to make better decisions. We will be held accountable and information will be more transparent. By creating a SMART government we will use tax dollars more wisely, and ensure the public is receiving quality and essential services from our government. State Government will be Measurable, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent.

This legislation will do 4 things:

1. SMART Government will increase the oversight by the Legislature and ensure that actual performance by department is used in the budget decisions.

2. It will ensure that government will be accountable by increasing oversight and increasing the number of audits.

3. SMART Government will ensure that government will be responsive by tying actual performance to funding, and by being focused on specific goals and measures

4. It will ensure that government will be transparent by requiring annual reports on each departments progress be made available and written in plain language so everyone can see how our government is working.

Measurable, responsible, accountable, transparent government– that’s what this is about. This legislation is a step forward to improving our government, and re-building public confidence in our government.”

The bill is sponsored in the Senate by President Brandon Shaffer.

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