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Democrats Cut $475 M from State Budget to Keep it Balanced

Feb. 17, 2010 For more information:
Katie Reinisch


Democrats Cut $475 M from State Budget to Keep it Balanced
It’s about Fair Share and Fiscal Responsibility

DENVER – House Democrats continue to fight for a more efficient government and a balanced budget. Today the House approved 32 appropriations bills that cut almost $475 million from the state government and services for the current fiscal year.

While some statehouse Republicans offered guaranteed-to-lose amendments and other stalling tactics, Democratic leaders stood up for families and taxpayers, creating a leaner government and a balanced budget without debt.

“Families and businesses across Colorado are tightening their belts and cutting back,” said Majority Leader Paul Weissmann. “We’re doing the same. Today’s tough decisions will steer us toward recovery and keep us focused on the core services that matter to people.”

Today’s cuts are on top of the previously approved cuts that reduced general fund appropriations by $1.55 billion dollars (OSPB Tally, 1.29.2010) Today’s bills will cut another $474,547,200 – or 6.3% — in appropriations from the general fund (Red Book), bringing the proposed Fiscal Year 2009-2010 general fund appropriation to $7.00 billion.

“We’re standing up for you, your family, and small businesses,” said Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst. “We get it – times are tough. We’re all cutting back, but saving core services most important to the average Coloradoan. This day’s theme is, we’re doing our fair share for fiscal responsibility.”

Many of the cuts will take place in personnel: (See attached chart)
· 10/02/08 Governor Purview Employee Count: 26,238
· 1/31/10 Governor Purview Employee Count: 25,084 (a reduction of 1,154 FTE)

· These bills will eliminate an additional 393.2 full time employees overall (Red Book).

· Estimated Governor Purview Employee Count with these bills: 24,885 (House Majority estimate)

Some of the FTE cuts by department:

o Agriculture: 0
o Corrections: 90.1
o Education: 0
o Human Services: 72.6
o Judicial: 200.4
o Local Affairs: 0
o Natural Resources: 6.3
o Public Safety: 4.9
o Revenue: 22.9
o Transportation: 0

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About the Colorado General Assembly Majority Party
Thirty-seven Democrats comprise the majority of Colorado’s 65-member House of Representatives.
Leadership includes Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll; Majority Leader Paul Weissmann;
Speaker ProTempore Buffie McFadyen, Assistant Majority Leader Andy Kerr,
Caucus Chair Karen Middleton and Majority Whip Christine Scanlan.
Current and past House proceedings can be seen on Comcast Channel 165 or at
Breaking news, legislator biographies and photos are available at

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