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Blueprint for a Leaner Government blocked by ruling Democrats


Blueprint for a Leaner Government blocked by ruling Democrats

The last time a full sweep of state government programs and processes was done in Colorado it was 1964.

An attempt by one lawmaker to remedy that was shot down by a Democrat controlled committee Wednesday afternoon.

“Apparently ruling party Democrats have removed the ‘words lean, efficient and limited’ from the their political lexicon,” said Sen. Mike Kopp. “It is safe to conclude that any talk to the contrary is either poorly done theater or outright hypocrisy.”

Kopp, a Republican from Littleton, was behind Senate Bill 164, dubbed a “Blueprint for Leaner Government.” Kopps bill would have called for a full review of the core functions of state governments and the states regulatory system with an eye towards reform.

“This asks not just how can we do this better, but should we be doing this at all, especially during a recession?” Kopp said. “Or could a private organization do it better?”

Two bipartisan task forces would have reviewed the current system, and then presented their findings and recommendations to the legislature where advisable legislation would be crafted.

“The public and private sector working in tandem will not only create a leaner more effective government but will also keep future tax increases at bay,” Kopp said.

Notable business organizations such as the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business backed the measure.

Kopp’s bill was ultimately defeated by majority Democrats on the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

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