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Realtor Is Lone GOP Candidate In Heavily Dem Denver Senate Race

Derec Shuler

A Denver Realtor has thrown his hat into the competition to succeed Sen. Paula Sandoval in Colorado’s Senate District 34.
Derec Shuler so far is the only candidate for the Republican nomination in the heavily Democratic district. There’s a three-way race for the Democratic nomination among Lucia Guzman and term-limited House representatives Jerry Frangas and Joel Judd.
Of the 19 Senate seats up in this election, Senate District 34 is No. 2 for party concentration. Only Mike Johnston’s Senate District 33 is more Democratic, with 57 percent registered Democrats in SD-33 vs. 54 percent registered Democrats in SD-34. Consequently, State Bill Colorado lists the district among the 11 less than competitive or not at all competitive seats up for contention in Colorado’s Senate.
The Democrats have a 21-14 majority.

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