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Monday In The Governor’s Race: Press Enamored With Hick

Here’s the latest news about the gubernatorial campaigns. (The mainstream press, as you can see, is at this point focused on Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s entry into the race. The GOP candidates are former congressman Scott McInnis and businessman Dan Maes.)

Boulder Daily Camera: Boulder County Democrats said they’re excited to see John Hickenlooper enter the race for Colorado governor and believe the Denver mayor brings a winning combination of a business background, executive experience, and equal ease with complex policy issues and ordinary people.

The Denver Post: The biggest attention in the fourth-quarter campaign-finance filings may be directed at the candidate with the smallest tally. Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who entered the race for governor this month, has a big goose egg by his name in fundraising reports.

The Denver Post: Colorado voters get a last chance Tuesday to pick a political party ahead of March caucuses that are the first step in choosing party policy positions and candidates for U.S. Senate, governor and other top positions.

Grand Junction Free Press: While announcing his candidacy for governor, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, aka “Hickenritter” (if you listen to GOP Chair Dick Wadhams), aka “Hick,” said it’s “Giddy up time in Colorado.” Yippie ki-yay. Now all he needs is a running mate named Tonto. What we want to know is whether Hickenlooper’s campaign is more Lone Ranger or more Woody from Toy Story.

The Durango Herald: The newly minted Democratic candidate for governor thinks Gov. Bill Ritter’s environmental rules for the natural-gas industry are “excessive.” Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper told reporters Friday he doesn’t support all of the rules adopted in 2008 by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

9News: Mayor John Hickenlooper says a recession is the worst time to raise taxes on citizens. The Democratic candidate for governor answered your questions on taxes and other topics Sunday morning on Your Show. The mayor says his experience opening restaurants and making payrolls leads him to encourage the government to cut more spending before it turns to the public for more money.

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