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It’s Official: Horde Of Elephants Now Chasing State Rep. Ed Casso

State Rep. Ed Casso

What is it about State Rep. Ed Casso that makes so many Republicans want to run against him?
A third GOP candidate, Kaarl W. Hoopes, has jumped into the race for the Republican nomination to compete against Casso, the Democratic incumbent in House District 32, in November.
Casso, 35, is a legislator and part-time alternative school teacher in the Denver school district. He’s also vice chair of the House business committee, serving alongside committee chair Joe Rice.
Hoopes, who confirmed his candidacy in a brief conversation Tuesday with State Bill Colorado, is a network administrator, according to his LinkedIn account. Hoopes’ actual filing papers were unavailable Tuesday because of a changeover in computer systems at the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. He said he hoped to have a campaign event in the next month or so.
That Casso’s seat is getting so much attention from Republicans is a surprise, particularly given that it’s not among the 22 truly competitive seats up for contention in 2010. Democratic registration in HD-32 stands at 41 percent; no Colorado legislator currently holds a seat in which rival-party registration exceeds 38 percent.
The other Republican candidates who’ve filed to run in HD-32 are Andrew Goad and Alexander Jacobson.
Goad is a former Marine who later become involved in emergency medical services in Colorado, according to his campaign Web site. Jacobson’s background wasn’t immediately available.

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