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Gubernatorial Response: Ritter ‘Looks Great On Camera’

Gov. Bill Ritter was the target of’s first day of video posting, and his spokesman Evan Dreyer said that Ritter’s intuition about political videos was correct.
During Ritter’s presentation Nov. 4 during former Sen. Ken Gordon’s University of Denver Sturm College of Law class, which was captured on video, the incumbent governor said people who videotape public officials can take out certain parts to make it look negative. Ritter, a Democrat, also said that video can end up anywhere.
“Welcome to the age of YouTube,” Dreyer said. “It’s pretty common for someone to show up at an event with a video camera and then turn the footage into something political.”
Dreyer did note that some positive has come from the posting of the video on the site operated by current and former Denver GOP figures Kelly Maher and Mary Smith.
“Bill Ritter looks great on camera!” Dreyer said.

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