Governor’s Office On Budget Hot Seat Today: What JBC Wants To Know

Editor’s Note: Click here to listen to a live stream of today’s JBC meeting, which begins at 9 a.m.

Colorado’s elaborate 2011 budget review process continues today with the governor’s office set to address a list of questions from legislators who sit on the budget-creating Joint Budget Committee.
Most of the JBC’s questions (the entire list is published below) have to do with the state Tourism Office, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology Office and the Governor’s Energy Office.
All of the offices have, to some degree, become political hot potatoes. One-time GOP gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry publicly asked whether the energy office was worth keeping. Democrats including House Speaker Terrance Carroll rejected the idea as preposterous given the office’s recent jobs successes. Penry recently exited the race in favor of his rival, ex-congressman and Hogan & Hartson lawyer Scott McInnis.
Among today’s questions:
* Please define state information technology resources that are eligible for consolidation into OIT (Office of Information Technology). What technology resources are considered part of state agency management versus OIT management? For example, what state agency is responsible for the management of televisions used in agencies?
* Please describe the controls the Department proposes to implement to eliminate the possibility of individual agencies expending moneys for information technology resources without consulting OIT.
* Please describe the Department’s plan for addressing transferred information technology staff resources that are no longer needed for fulfilling programmatic initiatives. For example, what is the Department’s plan to address a surplus of FTE with a given skill set?
The hearing begins at 9 a.m. Click here to listen to a live stream.

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