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Boulder DA Stan Garnett Ekes It Out

The ballot initiative to extend the Boulder DA’s term limits from two terms to three passed. Barely.
After a recount, Issue 1D passed 29,966 to 29,957 — that’s nine votes. Boulder DA Stan Garnett, currently in his first four-year term, pushed for the term limits to be relaxed. Still, he’s publicly said that even with the new rules, he doesn’t know whether he’ll run for a second or third term.
Of the $3,775 raised for the “Yes on 1D” issue committee, Garnett personally contributed $3,050 to the issue committee, the Longmont Times-Call reported last week. Most of the state’s 22 elected DAs are limited to two four-year terms. Boulder joins Denver and Weld counties with three-term limits. The DA in Pueblo has no term limits — which may be of some solace to DA Bill Thiebaut, who lost out on the U.S. attorney nod to Stephanie Villafuerte.

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