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What Editorial Writers Are Saying About GOP’s ‘Platform For Prosperity’

Editorial writers and commentators weighed in on the platform agreed to by gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis.

Vince Carroll, The Denver Post: The best thing about Scott McInnis’ new “Platform for Prosperity” is that it shows a respect for voters and the Colorado Constitution. That alone is cause for celebration, given the serial disregard for voters’ rights and constitutional language during the past three years. The worst thing about the McInnis platform is its budgetary vagueness.
Mike Littwin, The Denver Post: This is what we call boilerplate. Cut taxes. Cut fees. Cut spending. Improve education. Improve roads. Don’t say how you intend to pay for any of it. Don’t cite a single thing that you would actually cut yourself.
The Durango Herald: Any such manifesto at this stage of the electoral cycle is bound to consist largely of vague platitudes promising good things. But beyond that the Republican platform offers some promises that appear to be contradictory, if not impossible.
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: Voters deserve to know how McInnis and the Republicans plan to make road and bridge investments a priority if they are going to reduce a major source of highway funding. They also have a right to know, for instance, how Ritter plans to meet his pledge to keep higher education affordable, even as he has cut hundreds of millions for the state’s colleges and universities and some in his party are suggesting that we close some small colleges.
Westword: The pressure to come up with such a solution simulated a primary campaign, (Republican Party Chief Dick) Wadhams believes.
The Colorado Independent: (T)he platform seems to have been designed primarily to give (Josh) Penry an excuse to endorse McInnis, who in the last six months has schooled Penry in the way big-money party politics operate.

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