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Obituary: Yale Huffman, 93, One-Time Colo. Legislator Who Discovered Law

Yale Huffman, 93, died Oct. 27 of chronic heart/lung failure. Huffman, a one-time traveling salesman who served a term in the Colorado House and later went to the University of Denver Law School, suffered from macular degeneration, a disease that destroys sight-sensing cells in the retina, causing debilitating loss of central or detail vision. His affliction, as well as his life’s story, made him the subject of a lengthy profile in DU’s law magazine.
“The way to have a happy old age,” Huffman told writer Chelsey Baker-Hauck, “is to prepare for it in mid life. Get a job or avocation — something to give you purpose after 65.”
For Huffman, that avocation was writing, Baker-Hauck wrote. He published more than 20 magazine articles about travel and public affairs; his last was at the beginning of this decade. In 2005, at the time the article was published, Huffman wrote poetry using a computer program that displayed type on screen in large format and read the text aloud as he typed.
Huffman’s wife of 68 years, Jane, died in 2004. He is survived by daughter Martha, son John, and ten grandchildren and great grandchildren. A memorial service is Wednesday, according to his obituary at

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