Initiatives Supporting ‘Secret Ballots’ Get Colo. Supreme Court’s OK

Three initiatives that would ask voters to retain a “secret ballot” provision in union elections should Congress pass the Employee Free Choice Act survived a legal challenge today at the Colorado Supreme Court.
The court ruled that the three measures, currently called “Initiatives 22, 23 and 24,” don’t violate the so-called “single subject rule” under current Colorado election law.
“The court fairly considered our appeal and found that the title board had done an adequate job of analyzing the single subject issue and conveying the measure in the title set,” said Mark Grueskin of the Denver law firm Isaacson Rosenbaum, who represents AFL-CIO lobbyist Philip Hayes, who filed the challenge. “We still think people will be confused by these measures: They purport to create exceptions to federal law and guarantee certain rights that will have to be litigated in the future.”



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