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Colorado House Speaker Carroll Says Penry’s Proposals Aren’t ‘Serious’

Colorado House Speaker Terrance Carroll slammed a statement from Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry that questions the wisdom of continuing the governor’s energy office as well as the state departments of local affairs and higher education.
“Killing jobs in our fastest-growing economic sector is Penry’s answer to the serious crisis facing Colorado?” Carroll asked in response to Penry’s proposal to eliminate the energy office.
“The New Energy Economy is the single brightest light in our economy,” Carroll wrote. “In the past few weeks alone, SMA Solar Technology, SunRun Solar, Siemens Wind and RePower have all announced plans to create new jobs here. Vestas’ Colorado workforce will total 2,500 by this time next year. Xcel Energy just yesterday announced a new solar-expansion plan that will create thousands of new private-sector jobs.
Penry also encouraged the state to find “real responsibilities” for Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien.
Carroll countered that O’Brien’s duties included work for Colorado’s Indians, public education, children’s health, and the pursuit of federal Race to the Top funds.
“I’m stunned: cutting green energy jobs, reducing local control, and dissing the work of a powerful woman on behalf of people of color and children? When Sen. Penry and the Republicans are ready to offer some serious solutions, we’re ready to listen.”
Carroll’s statement is published below in its entirety.


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