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Watch It Now: Lawyer/Talk Show Host Says Handling Of Zazi Case ‘Madness’

Source: The Denver Post

Denver radio talk show host and criminal lawyer Craig Silverman spoke critically of how terror suspect’s Najibullah Zazi’s attorney is handling his client’s case.
“If your client has something to say, there’s a time and place for it, and it’s after you know what the information is. … Otherwise, it’s a bad idea to speak to law enforcement,” Silverman said. He was referring to Zazi and his attorney, Arthur Folsom, who counseled his client through three days of FBI interviews before his arrest and the arrest of his father Saturday night.
“On the surface, it appears the case of a lawyer letting his client talk to the FBI to his client’s detriment,” said Silverman, who acknowledged that Folsom also might be “crazy like a fox.”
“You look at this lawyer and wonder, is this the right role for this lawyer?” Silverman said. “I don’t know if he’s in over his head or not.”
Silverman, a well-known Denver legal pundit, made his impromptu remarks to reporters who had assembled outside the Alfred A. Arraj U.S. Courthouse following the first appearance of Zazi and his father, Mohammed Zazi. Both men are accused of lying to federal investigators.
On Monday, Mohammed Zazi agreed to be represented by a federal public defender, Warren Williamson.
Folsom, who has a small practice on South Colorado Boulevard, has been licensed to practice law only since 1998 and was not registered with the federal court until this morning. Additionally, news outlets reported that he’s currently facing charges of marijuana possession in Larimer County, but Folsom has denied the marijuana was his.

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