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Wednesday Trial Watch: Iraq Veteran Arraigned On Rape Charges

By Peter Rossi
Editor’s Note: Statewide trial reporter Peter Rossi rounds up today’s court news.

Iraq Veteran Arraigned On Rape Charges
Spc. Robert Hull Marko, a 21-year-old Iraq War veteran based in Fort Carson, had an arraignment hearing Monday. Marko is charged with raping and murdering Judi Lawrence. He did not enter a guilty plea and the case was continued until Sept. 21.

Appeals Court Grants Chambers 24-Hour Stay
The Colorado Court of Appeals granted Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers a 24-hour stay Tuesday to comply with the District Court order that requires her to appoint a special prosecutor in the alleged rape of Julie Stene, 9News reports.

Jury Deliberates Greeley Man’s Faith
Greeley man John Paul Romero awaits a jury’s deliberations on murder charges after prosecutors and defense attorneys presented their case Tuesday. Romero went to trial in April, but the jury was hung. Three other men have been convicted in connection with the robbery and murder.

DA Agrees Defendant Is Insane
Colorado Springs Deputy District Attorney Brien Cecil agreed Tuesday with defense attorney Edward Farry that Sean Alden Fitzgerald was insane when he stabbed his father to death in front of his mom Nov. 20. The DA will offer no evidence arguing against insanity on a one-day non-jury trial Sept. 17.

Homeless Man Strikes Deal In Killing
Michael Bateman, a 43-year-old homeless man, will plead guilty to felony manslaughter in the death of 46-year-old Todd Pierce, who was also homeless. The plea agreement could result in a maximum of nine years in prison. Bateman is accused of beating the other homeless man to death last year.

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